Akash Dubey
Akash was introduced to the tabla at the age of two. Many great players would come to visit the family home to accompany his sister Awantika and Akash was always in awe of their skills and the relationship between voice and drum. At six he was fortunate to be trained by Shri Bhogi Ram Ratonia, and he gave his first public performance aged eight. Over the next few years he studied and practised and when he was eleven entered a local competition with the best tabla players of Khajuraho which to his surprise he won. This spurred him on and in 2005, aged twelve he travelled with Awantika to Taiwan to give forty performances in just two months! The next year his tour included the prestigious 51st Asia pacific film festival Taipei, Taiwan and the following year the Japan India Friendship Festival in Tokyo .
In 2010 he met the renowned tabla player Pandit Akhilesh Bhatt, of the Benares Gharana currently living in Delhi, who accepted him as his student. He has groomed Akash in the finest creativity and clarity of Bols and helped him see how the tabla can support and bring the most out of a Kathak dance performance.
When travelling abroad Akash is always interested to learn from the music and percussion of that country but always comes back to the infinite possibilities of what can be created on the Indian tabla. He is currently studying for a masters and also plays the traditional Dholak.
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